Kimberly and Kristina Engagement

Kimberly and Kristina are a delightful couple with a wonderful relationship. Kristina asked me to do their engagement shoot when my going rate for a photo session was a six pack of blue moon. 🙂 It’s always interesting as any kind of creative endeavor to go back and look at your previous work. A lot of the shots weren’t the greatest, were out of focus, or edited strangely. No to say that I don’t do those things now, but it’s nice to see how I have evolved my personal style as I’ve continued to grow as a hobby photographer.

Kristina wanted me to capture the proposal, as well as do an engagement shoot the same day.

We went to the Historic Thomas Center in the Duckpond area of Gainesville, and I hid in some bushes. Occasionally feeling like paparazzi is fun!

Obviously the answer was yes, and obviously I was spotted at the end. We then threw on a soundtrack and took some engagement photos.

Here are some of the best shots from their session:


Had to bring Sadie, the cutest little dog muffin.


Gotta love the love.


The Ring
Katie, Kimberly’s sister
Reenacting the proposal


Phone calls?
Love these ladies.

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