Summer Blooms


I really enjoy gardening. I’m not super great at it, but I live in Florida so I just grow things I can be lazy about with the heat and the rain. Growing up my parents owned an orchid nursery, and against my better judgement I grew (ha!) to like them. So I have a few. Thankfully most of them are entirely low/no maintenance and just bloom whenever they feel like it. I got a few of them this summer.

Encyclia Summer Stars ‘Jungle Nights’. There 7 spikes on this with over 50 flowers. 
Rose that I did not grow.
Cymbidium. The tag fell off a long time ago so I’m really not sure what this is. Oh well!
Thai basil flowering:)

Got some practice in with my new 2.8 prime lens. Still working on focusing, which is difficult at that depth of field.


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